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Pull Over!

Updated: May 3, 2019

The dreaded traffic ticket... You have been pulled over, now you have a ticket. What does this mean for you?

In a previous post DWI punishment was discussed.  In this post, I will offer an introduction to NC traffic violations and the court process will be discussed.

The first important distinction to make are misdemeanors versus infraction.  To list them all would be a lengthy task. Instead, I will simply touch on certain tickets that are minor infractions and other, more serious misdemeanors.

With infractions, these minor charges will almost always either be reduced to an improper equipment charge or dismissed all together.  Charges like an expired car tag or driving without your license are commonly dismissed when you come to court and show the District Attorney your license or registration.  Minor speeding tickets are reduced to “improper Equipment”. This is essential in a non-moving violation that leads to a court fine, but keeps your insurance from going up.

Misdemeanors are more difficult to get reduced but not impossible. In most cases, depending on the county, driving classes, fines, community service or other deals can be struck to get a serious charge reduced.

It is not impossible to handle a traffic matter yourself in court. Even so, an experienced attorney can save you money.  Yes, this seems absurd that paying an attorney saves you money.  Firstly, you save yourself from missing a day of work. Next, you may not get yourself the best deal. Having costly fines or worse case, getting your insurance increased after pleading guilty to the charge that you could have avoided. All can be avoided if you have an attorney.

If you have a clean driving record, and a minor charge, you will likely be able to handle a ticket yourself.  If not, ensure you call a local attorney who can help you navigate the court system.  Save yourself the headache and the hassle of losing money in the long run. 

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