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Landlords & Tenants- Part 3

What does my landlord have to do? (You have a few responsibilities too….) 

Do not use this blog as a substitute for legal advice. Every situation is different. This is for educational purposes and to be used at your own risk. If you have further questions or if the situation is complex, please call the office for a consultation at 3363100780.

 Landlord Responsibilities

  • Making repairs to the property and obeying all local housing codes.  This includes keeping plumbing, electrical, and heating safe and in good working order.  It also includes appliances (stove, refrigerator, etc. ), IF they came with the property. 

  • Keep communal areas, like stairs and sidewalks, in safe condition. 

  • Landlords must inform you if the property is sold to someone else. 

  • To let you know – in writing – if they have any complaints about you. 

  • Leave you alone!  Except for periodic inspections that the Landlord is allowed to do.

On the other side of things, Tenants also have a list of things they are responsible for.  Tenant Responsibilities:

  • Pay all of the rent. 

  • To not damage the property and to keep it clean and safe.  This includes getting rid of garbage.  Also, you are responsible for any damage to the property committed by your guests.   

  • Let your landlord know when you are leaving, when your lease runs out.  How much time you must give your landlord should be addressed in your lease. 

In conclusion, we acknowledge being a tenant is hard because your landlord holds a lot of power over your life. Even so, your lease and/ or the law give you the rights to hold your landlord accountable. Hutchins Law has helped countless renters and landlords sue or defend over a breach of lease. We can also help draft leases or give advice when things go sideways. Give us a call so we can help!!

For further information: North Carolina General Statute Chapter 42

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